Cate Spinnler

Gymnast, AcroYogini, Yin Yoga Teacher

Cate loves to move ever since she was a girl and for her a day without movement is like a day without the sun and a smile. Gymnastics and dancing gave her joy and a passion to deepen what she loved. Connecting more to the body and mind, being curious about the alignment in many ways of different movement, opened new doors for her. Today she loves to teach Yoga (Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow), got hocked up with AcroYoga back in 2011 and did all her trainings to become an AcroYoga.org teacher (level II) & Lunar Immersion teacher. She teaches AcroYoga classes, workshops and retreats all over Switzerland. She loves to focus on smart movement and training in a similar way, and she moves to spread the joy and love for what she does, because connection through playfulness and trust are just amazing.




Asymmetry all over – Acro-Yoga


Come join us for a day full of play and connection in Bern! Our workshop is building up on basic to intermediate flying and is connecting different asymmetrical poses through flows and smooth transitions. We warm-up, build trust and strengthen our bodies by playful partner work that slowly leads us into the air where we […]