Celest Pereira

Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher and mentor

I did dance since a young age and graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Soon after graduating I travelled to India to study hatha yoga and Vipassana meditation. When I returned I began my full time career as a yoga teacher in London. It was exciting to see my presence quickly growing and I was soon invited to teach in popular centres such as Triyoga and Equinox.  I am excited to share information about the book I wrote called The Yoga Mentor, helping newly qualified yoga teachers get started on their careers.


The Yoga Mentor – Reading and Q&A


Getting started as a yoga teacher seems to be an impossible dream. There is so much competition and the market seems saturated. Can you make it and fulfil your dream? In this presentation Celest is excited to share her knowledge of what helped her rise from nothing to international status. This year not only will […]