Matthias Bleisch

AcroYogi, Nerd for Chemistry and Biotechnology

Matt found his passion for any kind of movement 10 years ago in a beginners class for capoeira. He found himself attracted by the virtuous flow of two people playing a game together, that is somewhere between a dance and a fight. Practicing the art of flexible movements and refining skills for great awareness for your opponent or partner became a bit part of his life next to studying nerdy chemistry and biotechnology.

He started to practice slack-lining with a similar intensity and quickly got into high-lining, where controlling the body, the mind and of course, the line refined his self-awareness. He deeply enjoyed the meditation-like moments while standing thousand of feet above the ground with nothing but air around you.

Finally, nearly five years ago, he encountered partner acrobatics while studying in the U.S. and started to practice this art of merging bodies with great joy. Curiosity is what drives Matt to new worlds of movements and curiosity is what he wants to evoke in new students. He believes that everybody finds happiness in movement and he wants to help everyone to find this joy. Come and play with him at the Festival!


Acroyoga Pops Workshop


In this workshop Salva and Matt will focus on fast, dynamics and fun moves: the pops! The workshop starts with an individual Yoga warm up practice with focusing on: lower body: awakening the fast twitch muscle fibres (in AcroYoga and Yoga the slow twitch are mainly in use) shoulders alignment, to stabilize the joints and […]