Misha Andris & Adrian Garate

Akronauten, AcroYogis, Naturliebhaber


Ich bewege mich gerne. In der Natur, in mir selbst oder mit anderen Menschen und Tieren. Bei mir sein, ganz in mir sein und in Kontakt kommen mit der Materie, dem Leben, der Herausforderung, dem Instrument, dem Bleistift, der Hand, dem Körper, das ist meine Leidenschaft.


Adrian came to know AcroYoga for the first time in Santiago, Chile. Even tho struggling with the overwhelming amount of things he had to look at to not let the Partner fall, there was a purpose and warm fun in moving People around through the air. After a lot (A LOT) of practice and study everything got easier and easier. Sharing the fun and beauty of being able to move people of all ages and shapes, helping them do things they thought couldn’t, became one of the most beloved and natural things to spend time on. Recently with the Duo Akronauten he came into the path of couching, looking for new moves and teach them in their own spicy


Introduction to Acro-Yoga Whips


Introduction to AcroYoga Whips. In this workshop you will learn how to whip through different AcroYoga transitions. Which will ad a fun tool to your AcroYoga Practise. Be prepared to go from a Shoulder Stand to a Baby Bird in half a second! We recommend feeling comfortable in Shoulder Stand and Reverse Star to participate […]