Reni Bickel

Teacher, Therapist, Soul Surfer

«There is no man alone, because every man is a microcosm, and carries the whole world about him.»
– Sir Thomas Brown

Reni has been sharing yoga since 2008. After graduating from Lausanne University in Switzerland with a Masters degree in Movement and Health science, Reni worked in physical education, medical rehabilitation, health promotion and successfully built a yoga community in Peru and Switzerland. She has been studying yoga and meditation for over 10 years and educated herself further in therapeutic methods such as bodywork and crystal healing.

Conscious transitioning and precise alignment are integral parts of Reni’s teaching. Her approach is pragmatic and creative at the same time. Reni’s yoga style roots in the lineage of Vinyasa Krama and Universal Yoga, but also blends in elements from Kundalini and Katonah Yoga (NY) . Sequences are designed in an intelligent flow including pranayama and meditation to offer students a well-rounded experience. Reni encourages her students to discover and constantly re-discover the depths and richness of their practice, creating a welcoming space for everybody. Reni travels to teach and organize yoga workshops and retreats worldwide, while also offering 1-on-1 sessions. She is co-founder of FLOATLOVERS a community that offers private yoga and surf journeys.



Dauer: ca. 60 Minuten
Beitrag: flexibel zwischen 100.- und 150.-
Inhalt: Kurzes Startgespräch. Einführende Entspannung mit Meditation, Atemübung und essentiellen Ölen. Auswahl und Auflegen der Edelsteine. Innere Reise mit Edelsteinen. Integration. Kurzes Schlussgespräch.
Anmeldung: Im Vorfeld (hello@renibickelyoga.com) oder spontan vor Ort

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Enter and fine tune the Flow


Experience a well-rounded Vinyasa practice to awaken and integrate all parts of yourself through the dynamics of the chakra system. Reni will take you on a journey into shifting the frequency of our body and mind through an energetically aligning Flow. Traditional yoga elements together with dynamic movements and breath practice will activate the energy […]